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Remote Performances

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Remote Performances comprised of a residency, radio broadcast, performance and book.


"Outlandia is an off-grid, architect designed, artist treehouse studio, a legacy project for the Year of Highland Culture, imagined by London Fieldworks and designed by Malcolm Fraser Architects. Outlandia is located in a copse of Norwegian spruce and larch on Forestry Commission land in Glen Nevis, at the foot of Ben Nevis in the Scottish Western Highlands." (

 You can listen to my interview in the treehouse by Tam Dean Burn on ResonanceFM where you can also hear the 

performances of 'The Wind Scale', four contemporary compositions by Platform 4 Composers .  Each piece is based on graphic scores and my paintings 'Intermittent wind and rain', 'Mostly grey and rainy', 'Force 6, 2nd July' and 'Force 12 remembered'

My time at Outlandia was also used to record clips to add to my on going archives of silence, with much appreciated assistance from Peter Lanceley from Resonance FM.

I contributed two essays and illustrations, 'In Search of Silence' and 'On Remoteness' to the book  'Remote Performances in Nature and Architecture' edited by Gilchrist, Jolson and Warr. Assignee publishing limited 2015. ISBN978-1-4727-5391-4 Available to buy from here 

Remote Performances


London Fieldworks

Live Art Development Agency

Resonance FM


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