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Lamp Post

The winter days are short and the long nights are very dark in the small villages on the North West Coast of Scotland. Spending many of your waking hours in darkness seems to reattune your eye and the blackness is velvety around the few lamp posts on the periphery of the village. Drawn to the dramatic pools of light provided by the lamp posts, for the last three years I have recorded the weather that they highlight.

The direction of rain and snow traces the wind.

A limited edition series of framed and unframed digital prints on somerset fine art paper and two different photogravure prints are available. Please email me direct for further details. Prices for framed digital prints start at £150. Unframed unmounted prints also available.

All images are colour archival digital inkjet prints  on somerset fine art paper. Made in an editions of 30.

Photogravure prints

lamp post series photogravure sm.jpeg

Photogravure - a polymer plate that is coated with a light-sensitive gelatin tissue is exposed to a film positive, and then developed in water,

resulting in a high quality plate that can reproduce the detail and continuous tones of a photograph.

All prints are made at Highland Print Studios

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