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Balgy Trees

Ongoing recording of the trees on managed and unmanaged land and the effects of weather and wildlife on the landscape in the Balgy are between Shieldaig and Torridon. In one particualr area, many of the trees are storm damaged and damaged by the deer. Trees are sparse due to logging many years ago and no subsequent replanting. An old road, that for many decades was closed to the public, goes through the area mostly by the lochside. There is a great deal of rhodedendron growth that is difficlut to control and this prevents much growth of native species.

I am also currently looking into the history of the area and meeting with a local group who are researching the history of the 'new' road built through the area in the 60's. There group plan to hold a 50th anniversary social gathering for people who have an interest in the road or who were involved in the building of the road along with a display of related photographs and documents in September 2013.

At the moment my body of work is a series of sketches, photographs and paintings.

Work for sale is available here

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