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A short excerpt from this video can be seen here on axis, click on 'Annat' 2004 down the right hand side of the page

Video of installation/experiment(1 hour 30 minutes) - 5 minutes

Sound affects our experience of place. Would this still be the case in such an overpowering landscape as the beach at Annat? I was waiting for a fine day but one didn't come so exposed to driving rain I took my ghetto blaster down to the beach and videoed and sound recorded myself playing different types of music on the beach. Music as a pose to sound sets up very definite experiences of duration, and I wanted to counteract this in the video and sound recordings by drawing the viewer back to the real time the experiment was happening in.


harris tweed weavers song - waulking music

Erki Sven Tuur - Fragmentation then Crystallisato -

Lamb - If I Could Die

Satie - Gymnopedie - hear waves

tried to shout out loud - too embarassed

some people coming

moved to back of beach, looking inland

finding it hard to see through lens because of rain

15.50 cloud on mountain

man with a harmonica - Morricone

sun breaks though

sheep grazing, can feel some warmth from sun

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